Manchester’s Finest!

These organized bad boys even have their own web shop, so it's time to let your heart melt over their designs. Follow the link to make your order.


This Charming Man” fitted men’s & women's t-shirts.£19 in different sizes.

It’s not even a choice. If you don’t have Ewald on your chest, then you better have him as a tattoo on your back.

T-shirt men Small/Big Logo 19£ different sizes

Do as the lovely gang from Gothenburg does and get this tee. That way, you can always blame your mistakes in Hamburg on the Manchester crew!

T-shirt Women’s fitted Small/Big Logo 19£ different sizes

Super Kalla” Men's/Women's t-shirt 19£ different sizes

Yes Kalla is super and we do sure want everyone to know it!


Manchester St. Pauli Patch - £4

When your logo looks as nice as the one from Manchester its no reason to make things difficult.


Manchester St. Pauli Patch - £4

You can never have enough badges!


Manchester St. Pauli logos sticker pack - £5

Manchester Music Sticker Pack #1 - £5

HOW TO ORDER FROM Manchester St. Pauli

This is real easy. Simply click the on the link and you will be taken to their website